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All our designs are tailor-made to individual briefs to help each client maximise the full potential of their home by creating an inviting space that complements their personality lifestyle and practical needs. We can step in at any stage of the design process, be it right at the beginning to define the most suitable style or if work on the project has already started and a professional help with bringing it back on track is needed.  



Nested in a close proximity to Holland Park, this beautiful family home undergone a total metamorphosis to bring it to the 21st century and create a family space for everyday living. Large open plan kitchen was a must have for our clients where entire family can spend time together when not at work or school. Clean lines, muted colour palette and lost of natural light - this best describes the look and feel of this house.

Photos by Juliet Murphy


Best designs are always born from collaboration and trust. Creative process on this project was based on close dialog with our clients who envisaged their new home being a place where they can relax and unwind, but also entertain their friends and family. Designing separate zones for adults and kids was one of their requirements, alongside ensuring the design scheme reflects personality of the house owners.

Photos by Ivan Jones and Billy Bolton


The main design theme for this family house in West London was classic contemporary - our clients wanted to blend more traditional house features with modern furniture and create a space suitable for modern style of living. Project to be completed in 2022.

Visuals by Noba Design


Prosecco House is a specialised wine bar where our customers can buy, sample and learn about DOCG Prosecco on the South Bank of the River Thames at One Tower Bridge. Our client wanted to create a bar that feels both luxurious but is also open to everyone and that all feel welcome. 

Photos by Prosecco House

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